THE STANDARD - Lifehammer Plus

THE STANDARD - Lifehammer Plus

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Safety hammer with extra hard double hammer head and integrated belt cutter

  • BREAKS SIDE AND REAR WINDOW - Hit the unlaminated side or rear window of the car with the hammer head

  • DOUBLE HAMMER HEAD – Hammer head made of extra hardened carbon steel

  • INTEGRATED BELT CUTTER - Effortlessly cuts through a seat belt

  • HANDY MOUNTING SYSTEM – Always within reach with the clamping system of your choice. For car door (Quick Click System, included) or center console (available separately, click here )

Easily shatter the side window of your car with the double-sided hammer head made of high-quality carbon steel. With the built-in belt cutter you can effortlessly cut through any seat belt. The handle of the Safety Hammer Plus has a non-slip grip so that the hammer does not just slip out of your hand.